How long for processing for application?

For recruit a domestic helper can be arrival within 2 months after screening and confirmed a candidate.

How long is the contract period?

The employment contract is 2 years.

How many years as Domestic Helper can continue to work?

Allowed to unlimited time to extension her work permit and subjected to mutual agreement between the employer and domestic Helper or compliance latest government rules and regulations.

What are actions against to employer is Domestic Helper absconded from work?

Shall be noticed to us in a short period and advice to lodge a police report and Immigration Department.

What are responsibilities as an employer?

The employer is obligated for compliance as per regulations of the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia and the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

  • To ensure adequate food and proper rooms
  • To provide medical health care
  • To pay her salary on time basis (before 07th day of every month)
  • To ensure domestic helper assists in household only
  • To provide a safe working environment and treat her as  a human being

How to handle problems for Domestic Helper?

Create a good relationship with domestic helper is most important because she came from other countries with different cultural and environmental background. Provide proper guide and teaching to her to let her comfortable and discussion the problems make it clear to perform well in the right way.

What kind of matters prohibited as an employer?

The employer should not do abuse or mistreat failure to paid salary every month and deduction salary towards domestic helper.

Who should be borne the responsibilities for medical expenses of the domestic helper in cases incident occurrence?

The employer is liable to pay full costs of the medical expenses including hospitalization and highly recommended to assists to domestic helper to purchases insurance with coverage for hospitalization expenses.

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